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Thanks for being beautiful and literate. Purchase my books. Access them through clicks on the covers below. They’re dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic, with some thriller, action, and international espionage elements, and a few ideas.

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Assassin’s Secret begins the Shattered North series, in which Lucy grows dissatisfied with her man as a crazy series of connections leads a powerful killer across the world to their doorstep.

This dystopian thriller outlines what happens when civilizations collide. If a mystery is worth killing for, how does a beautiful bartender bystander stay alive?

Not by playing nice.


Albertan Apocalypse begins the McKinley Chronicles trilogy. Follow Zach’s desperate bid to to save his post-apocalyptic homeland and his battered soul.

Traitors cause havoc. Warlords infiltrate and attack. Loyal operators keep their province Strong and Free.

But at what cost?


Vancouver Vengeance is the McKinley Chronicles’ middle child. Authoritarian pressures and covert power plays create brutal conflict on the West Coast.

Zach’s partnered with a new ally from Toronto. They try to uncover traitors to Alberta, descending deeper into the deadly, clandestine politics of the four cities.


Calgary Chaos concludes the McKinley Chronicles, in which Zach returns home to face those challenging the mayor’s authority and the four cities’ legitimacy.

The foundations of this post-apocalyptic civilization are called into question as enemies of the provincial powers sense weakness. Can operators preserve their world? Find out.

Big Changes

My back catalog has been deleted. Much of it will reappear on Amazon as the Shattered North, a series of four books generated from re edited material that constitute a prelude to the McKinley Chronicles. The four titles are Assassin’s Secret, Stalin Gorilla, Four Cities, & Northern Quartet.

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